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Behavior training

Tiny Hunters: 5 Traits Your Cat Shares with Its Wilder Brothers

Whenever you watch your feline in action, you probably notice that it looks a lot like a miniature wildcat. Conversely, when you see a lion or cougar grooming itself on television or at the zoo, it reminds you of your pet’s behavior. According to research from the Washington University School of Medicine, cats are still not considered fully domesticated even though they have lived among humans for thousands of years.
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Glacier ice dogs hockey

As early as 1930s, Canada saw the rise of the modern ice dog sport. The first Canadian ice dog championships were held in Winnipeg. Over the years, bot
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Pet care

Tip for Treats for Dogs with Bladder stones

Here is a tip from one of our users: My dog is presently on Hills Prescription s/d canned food due to a bladder stone problem. We are trying to dissolve the stones to avoid surgery. My vet advised that under no circumstances was Diesel to have any treats, not even celery which I thought might be okay because celery is 95% water.
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